Kirill hwan

Expedition and Travel

Documentary and fine art projects
I prefer make a documentary and fine art photo\video
and working in the dance, ethnographic and travel genre
I'm studying in Moscow New Cinema School in the Laboratory of Directing
Provide filming, video editing

Video editing for the "Moscow traditional school of wushu Meihuazhuang"

May 2020

Experimental work on the cinema school study classes

January 2020

Part of Dancing Cinema - «8月-胡同夏季 — Summer Hutong Dance»
Dancer -Cai Kunling Photo - Hwan Kirill

August 2019
Author's project
Contemporary dance
Eastern contemporary dance
Dance like a spirit
Centuary years of Teahouse
Old traditional Teahouse based in Digang village of the central province of China - Zhejiang. That place has old story bigger than one century years, and every day that doors open on the 3.30 am for night guests who wanna with tea see a sunrise
Look to the teahouse
Way to place
Travel and fine art photo
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About me
I've been interested in contemporary arts, cinema, choreography
I'm a member of the Beijing "Golden Horse" documentary group
Author of translated weblog about Chinese traditional martial arts «Среди потерянных озер»

Moscow - Beijing
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